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TORONTO — A wedding can be an emotional rollercoaster: financial stress, last-minute couple drama, cold feet, feuding bridal parties, the guest who had one-too-many cocktails.

In July, a high-end Ottawa bridal boutique declared bankruptcy and closed up shop. McCaffrey Haute Couture’s sudden closure left about 20 brides-to-be scrambling for dresses. It can take eight to 12 months to get a wedding dress, from the time of ordering from the manufacturer through to custom alterations and final delivery.

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One bride left in the lurch, 27-year-old Brittany Warren, told the Ottawa Citizen she ordered her dress in December 2014, with her first fitting scheduled for August 2015. She and her fiancé heard about the store’s bankruptcy via news reports.

“I think it’s probably the worst news a bride could hear so soon, so close to my date,” Warren said. “I had been dreaming of this dress since December. It’s what I’ve been picturing walking down the aisle on the most perfect day of my life.”

Another local store jumped in to save the day, with the bride’s September wedding looming.

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Last year a Mississauga, Ont., couple made headlines when they were robbed on their wedding night of an estimated tens of thousands of dollars.

“At the end of the night someone posing as a worker was helping our family with the cleanup,” reads a crowdfunding page set up for the couple. “The next thing we knew this guy and all the cards filled with money were gone.”

The couple, an electrician and social worker, had been banking on the cash gifts to help pay for their wedding.

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