Dog in distress? Nope. It’s just living in a parked van – Edmonton

EDMONTON — City officials say they can do nothing about a dog that has been living in a van in Edmonton for weeks because the animal is not in distress.

The city, police service, fire department and humane society have been flooded with calls about the golden retriever in a Ford Windstar van regularly parked behind a car wash on Jasper Avenue and 116th Street.

The Edmonton Humane Society said it discourages pet owners from leaving dogs in vehicles, but unless its officers see a dog in immediate distress, there’s nothing they can do.

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Mayor Don Iveson said “this is not a desirable situation” for the dog, and the city is working with the society, which is responsible for enforcement of the Animal Protection Act, to find a resolution.

“The Mayor’s Office has spoken with Animal Control department and they advise that the windows are open providing fresh air for the dog and that it is well and not in distress,” Iveson said in a Facebook post. “Thank you for your concerns and input.”

There are more than 5,000 signatures on a change杭州龙凤 petition calling on the mayor and police to do more.

Deanna Kubbernus said she has known about the dog since July 24, and started the petition on Monday after repeated calls to officials yielded no change and the temperature began to rise to dangerous levels.

“This is not a witch hunt. What we’re trying to do is get this dog to safety and help this gentleman.

“We really need to review our bylaws. If a dog is contained 24/7 in the heat outside, the humane society can do something about that. However, when it’s in a vehicle, this is a grey area.”

She said an animal rescue group and a Good Samaritan with a dog-friendly apartment for rent have offered to help the dog’s owner.

Global Edmonton has tried on several occasions this week to find the van without success.

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