Drivers in Vancouver, Montreal, pay most to fuel up

WATCH ABOVE: On Tuesday oil prices were hitting a low not seen since 2009, and now gasoline prices are hitting a high we haven’t seen since last summer. Global’s Gary Bobrovitz tells you what’s happening in Alberta.

TORONTO — The cost of filling up at the pump varies from coast to coast, with drivers in Vancouver and Montreal paying the most.

A list released Wednesday comparing average fuel prices this summer shows Vancouver prices are tops, at an average of $1.34 per litre. That’s 30 cents more per litre than Winnipeg motorists pay: the Prairie city was last on the list with an average of $1.04 per litre this summer.

Montreal came second, with an average price of $1.30 per litre.

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The info, compiled by Consolidated Credit using CAA data, attributes the variations in fuel prices across Canada to taxes. Higher local government taxes in the top two cities are pegged for the steep prices.

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The good news is prices are down overall since the summer of 2014, with average prices down as much as 20 cents per litre in some cities. The average prices for July 2010, gathered from Statistics Canada, illustrates how much costs have fluctuated in recent years.

Some tips for conserving fuel:

Keeping your tires properly inflatedAvoiding leaving your vehicle idling, even for a few minutesUsing air conditioning sparinglyDriving at a slower paceKeeping your car tuned up and running efficiently

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