Federal Election 2015: Mississauga-Malton riding results – Toronto

Summary: This is a new riding for 2015. There is no incumbent running here, but a former Liberal MP in this area, Navdeep Singh Bains, is attempting a comeback. The Conservative candidate was the well-known publisher of the Punjabi Post, Jagdish Grewal. On October 6, the party dropped him as their official candidate, because of an editorial he wrote defending therapies that attempt to turn gays straight. The deadline for candidates to withdraw had already passed, so his name will appear on the ballot as the Conservative candidate.

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Boundaries: This riding combines parts of Streetsville, Meadowvale Village (formerly part of Mississauga—Brampton South) and Malton (formerly part of Bramalea—Gore—Malton).

Last Election: If this riding existed in 2011, it would have been a very tight race, with the Conservatives coming out on top with 37.4 per cent of the vote, followed by the Liberals with 36.8 per cent, a difference of only 238 votes. The NDP would have had 23.4 per cent.

History: Prior to 2011, the Liberals had won comfortable victories in this area since at least 2004. But in 2011, both of the former ridings in this area elected Conservatives. In Mississauga-Brampton South, Conservative Eve Adams defeated Liberal MP Navdeep Bains by a margin of 9 per cent. Adams defected to the Liberals, but failed to win a riding nomination for 2015. The Conservative victory in Bramalea-Gore-Malton was much closer, with Bal Gosal winning the seat by just 539 votes. Gosal is running for re-election in Brampton Centre.

Demographics: There are an average of 1.5 children in every household (as of the 2011 census), the second highest figure in Ontario. 37.5 per cent of people identified as South Asian, the second highest figure in Ontario.


Conservative: No official candidate. Jagdish Grewal will appear as the candidate on the ballot.

NDP: Dianne Douglas, executive assistant

Liberal: Navdeep Singh Bains, former MP, visiting professor, Ryerson University

Green: Heather Mercer

Independent: Naresh Tharani

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