Federal Election 2015: Oakville North-Burlington riding results – Toronto

Summary: A new suburban riding created from two previous ridings in Halton, Oakville North-Burlington voters will choose a new MP in 2015.

Boundaries: The riding includes all of Oakville north of Upper Middle Road (excluding the Clearview neighbourhood) along with the Orchard neighbourhood in northeast Burlington.

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Last Election: This is a new seat created from Oakville (which elected Conservative MP Terence Young by by 20.9 per cent in 2011) and Halton (which elected Conservative MP Lisa Raitt by 28.6 per cent in 2011). Neither of them are running here.

Had this riding existed in the last election, the Conservatives would have taken it by 27.2 per cent more votes than the Liberals (based on polling results).

History: Oakville elected Liberal MP Bonnie Brown from 1993 to 2008 before she was defeated by Conservative Terence Young. Prior to that, the riding was part of the larger Halton riding, which generally alternated between the Progressive Conservatives and Liberals through the years, with no party holding it for more than four elections at a time.

Demographics: One of the more well-off suburban Ontario communities, it has the fourth highest median income in the province at $44,087. There are an average of 1.4 children in each household, fifth highest in Ontario.


Conservatives: Effie Triantafilopoulos, former CEO of Save the Children

NDP: Janice Best, former Vice President of the Ontario Federation of Labour

Liberals: Pam Damoff, Oakville councillor since 2010

Greens: Adnan Shahbaz, instructional coach with the Peel District School Board

Libertarians: David Clement

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