Federal Election 2015: Orléans riding results – Toronto

Summary: This is a new riding for 2015. It is a geographically larger version of the former Ottawa-Orléans riding, which has been represented by Conservative Royal Galipeau since 2006. He is seeking re-election here. The Liberals are looking to win back this seat with a star candidate, retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, who spent four years as the head of Canada’s army. Leslie, however, brings some baggage. His nomination meeting ended with police being called to break up a scuffle between party members, and he was publicly criticized for making a $72,000 moving claim to move four blocks away when he retired from the army.

Boundaries: This riding encompasses the eastern part of Ottawa, including Orléans, and Blackburn. The new boundary goes all the way south to Mitch Owens Road, and brings in the community of Piperville. That area was formerly represented by Nepean-Carleton.

Last Election: In 2011, voters within the boundaries of this new riding voted 45.2 per cent Conservative, and 38.0 per cent Liberal.

History: This area elected Liberal MPs from 1988 through 2004. Galipeau defeated the Liberal incumbent, Marc Godbout, to take Ottawa-Orléans for the Conservatives in 2006.

Demographics: This is the most francophone-friendly riding in Ottawa, with French being the first language of 30.7 per cent of the population (as of the 2011 census). The median income is $46,606, second highest in the province.


Conservative: Royal Galipeau, MP

NDP: Nancy Tremblay Winfield, scientist

Liberal: Andrew Leslie, retired Lieutenant-General, Canadian Forces

Green: Raphaël Morin, geographer


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