Federal Election 2015: Toronto-St. Paul’s riding results – Toronto

Summary: This riding has had a name change, but closely resembles the former riding of St. Paul’s. Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett has had a solid hold on this seat since she was first elected in 1997. She is seeking re-election for a seventh term. If you’re wondering about the NDP candidate, yes, he is the son of Canadian author Mordecai Richler. The Conservative candidate is currently the executive assistant to York Centre MP Mark Adler.

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Boundaries: This riding is just a little smaller than it was in 2011. It used to go all the way to Bayview Avenue, but now stops at Mount Pleasant Road. It includes Mount Pleasant West, Casa Loma, Forest Hill South and Yonge-St.Clair.

Last Election: Liberal Bennett won in 2011 with 40.6 per cent of the vote, followed by Conservative Maureen Harquail with 32.4 per cent. If these new boundaries had been in effect, the results would not have been much different. The Liberal share would have been 39.9 per cent, and the Conservatives would have taken an identical 32.4 per cent.

History: This has been a Liberal stronghold since 1993. The last time an MP was elected from the right was PC Barbara McDougall, who held the seat from 1984 until 1993.

Demographics: A wealthy riding, the average income was $70,414 in the 2011 National Household Survey, fifth highest in the country.


Conservative:  Marnie MacDougall, executive assistant

NDP:  Noah Richler, author

Liberal:  Carolyn Bennett, MP since 1997

Green: Kevin Farmer

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