High number of violations in Lethbridge commercial vehicle inspection

WATCH ABOVE: A three-day safety blitz is underway for commercial vehicles, 40% of those inspected on day one were taken off the road. Kimberly Tams reports.

Lethbridge -Unsafe commercial vehicles are the target of a three-day inspection blitz. The joint-forces effort saw vehicles pulled over on 43 Street South on Wednesday.

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The blitz started on Tuesday, when 97 vehicles were inspected – 40% of them taken off the road for safety violations. A total of 164 violations, 85 traffic violations and 13 dangerous goods violations were found, while 27 vehicles required some form of maintenance before being allowed back on the road. Lethbridge police say the high numbers of non-compliance is very concerning

“On average, we are usually finding more than half of the vehicles that we check require some level of attention or they are completely out of services, meaning the violations are so severe that the vehicles is not permitted to continue,” says Constable Stewart Seefried.

Police say while it can be costly for drivers, it can be even moreso for the company. The dwindling economy is blamed, in part, for the high number of violations as some companies look to cut corners.

“I know from speaking with drivers that many companies run the risk of maintaining the vehicles and they just pay the fine when they are caught. Too many companies don’t maintain their equipment,” adds Seefried.

The blitz continues on Thursday at an undisclosed location.

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