Keremeos fire victim struggling to get back on his feet

KEREMEOS — A Keremeos man lost everything in a fire over the weekend. Harold Bullington received assistance for the first few days, but now, he has nowhere to turn.

“I’m pretty heartbroken. The only thing I saved was my dog,” says Bullington, standing in the debris of what was once his home.

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The blaze broke out Saturday morning near Highway 3 west of Keremeos. A friend driving by noticed the flames creeping towards Bullington’s home and ran in to save him.

“I was sleeping. If it wasn’t for Marty, I would’ve burned up in there or died of smoke,” says Bullington.

Marty Marchand Ring is coming to his aid once again.

Bullington didn’t have insurance, claiming it was much too expensive since his mobile home was on the Lower Similkameen Indian Reserve, which is outside of city limits.

Marchand Ring has set up a fundraiser campaign to help Bullington get back on his feet.

“Harold always tries to help other people out and he doesn’t have much himself. He lives on a disability. I just think that if the community, or the valley, or anyone, if they can reach out and help him, that’s all” says Merchand Ring.

Bullington’s neighbour says the fire victim deserves all the help he can get.

“He’s a super nice guy. Everybody in the community knows who he is,” says Henry Allison.

“He’s the kind of person who if he’s got something, he will hand it to you immediately.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up, as well as an account at the Valley First Credit Union in Keremeos.

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