Lost puppy travels 900 miles from Texas to Florida – National

WATCH: Walk a mile in her shoes: Bell, an 11-month-old miniature Australian Shepherd, traveled 900 miles and three states – from Houston, Texas to Orange Park, Florida – last week. The pup was quickly reunited with her owner thanks to her microchip. Kathryn Jeffries has more.

The owners of an 11-month-old miniature Australian Shepherd won’t have to take their puppy walking anytime soon.

That’s because the pup, named Bell, went walking on her own across three states, or 900 miles (1448 km), between Houston, Texas and Orange Park, Florida.

Bell went missing last week, which caused her owner, Matt Turner, to desperately search for her.

Turner told First Coast News that he put Bell’s picture all over social media and handed out flyers throughout his neighbourhood in hopes of finding her.

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That’s when he received a call from a shelter in Orange Park.

“When I talked to the shelter, the first thing I said was, ‘Are you sure it is my dog?’ They said, ‘It is 100 per cent… it is her,’ and then your mind starts spinning about how in the world did your dog get 900 miles from where she started at the first of the week?” said Turner.

The Clay Humane Society in Florida could confirm to Turner that Bell was in fact his dog because not only was she microchipped, but that chip was registered, giving the shelter the necessary information it needed to link Bell back to her owners.

“She’s a real special dog to us, we’re really attached to her,” said Turner, “We really feel fortunate to get the chance to get her back.”

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