Mosquito population on the rise in Saskatoon – Saskatoon

SASKATOON – You may have already noticed it – the number of mosquitoes in Saskatoon is on the rise. Between Monday and Friday of last week, an average of six mosquitoes were caught daily in city traps.

Although trap numbers for this week won’t be out until next Monday, city officials are expecting a large spike, possible 10 times higher than last week.

Trap collection on Tuesday morning showed a large increase in the number of nuisance mosquitoes and with high humidity, the pests are biting in the heat of the day as well as dusk and dawn.

Until recent rains, mosquito populations in Saskatoon were reaching historic lows this year.

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As for the Culex tarsalis – mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus – the Saskatoon Health Region says the current risk is moderate, although no pools have tested positive in the region.

There have been no cases of West Nile virus reported in Saskatchewan so far this year.

Wendy Winiewski contributed to this story



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