WATCH: Good Samaritan saves little boy hanging by his neck off balcony in China – National

***WARNING: The above video contains images which may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.***

A 3-year-old boy was rescued by a brave resident in Qingdao City, east China‘s Shandong Province, from falling through a fourth-floor window, on Sunday.

The neighbors were stunned when they heard the boy crying and found him hanging by his head from the window’s iron bars. His body was dangling for sometime, but later he became unconscious and stopped moving.

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At first, a young man risked his life and climbed through the side of the building in order to reach out to the boy as fast as possible. However, since the window was too high up, he couldn’t reach as fast as he had anticipated.

In the meanwhile with all the outside noise, 53-year-old Duan Guangzhi woke up from his sleep.

On realizing the situation, he ran bare foot and without even a shirt to the third floor apartment, and started making efforts to break open the window bars.

After several attempts, Duan finally succeeded. Holding on to the side of the building, he continued to hold on to the boy up from his feet for about eight minutes.

“The accident happened so suddenly, and I didn’t think too much. Many ladies were so scared that they even started crying. Our men have strong ability so we rushed to the scene. Every minute counts and no negligence could be allowed in that situation,” said Duan.

The neighbors finally located the boy’s father who then pulled him inside.

The boy was sent to hospital immediately, though was released soon after on good health.

In all he commotion, Duan didn’t realize how he hurt his foot while pushing the window bar and he saw the swelling only a day after the accident.

As it turns out, the boy managed to climb onto the security window while playing and that’s how he got stuck in between the window bars.

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